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Our vision is to provide a creative learning space for children, young people, communities, teachers and adults, about invertebrates, animals and plants and the important roles they play in our daily lives, with an emphasis on conservation.  We would like for the future to be filled with people that care, understand and protect their local natural environments along with all the creatures that live there.

Workshops include

Mini-beast hunts with sweep nets & pooters, leaf litter collections & pond dipping.

Creative projects from experiences in nature with insects, animals and plants, learning about anatomy and behavior and how to observe without interference. These can then be interlinked with other creative projects to learn about ecosystems and food webs.

Habitat creation is an important part of our work, creating wildlife sanctuaries; from insect winter homes made out of recycled materials or  a mini-beast mansion, wildflower meadows and beetle banks to planting trees and hedges.

Activities are tailored to learning about the natural world of insects, animals and plants by people in conservation on local community projects.

FAQ’s Answered:

Workshops can be tailored to individuals and schools specific needs

Workshops can fit into the curriculum

Full risk assessment available on request

We have public liability insurance at £5 million.

Tutors hold current CRB checks.